Why You Should Book Your Audio Video Services First

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In planning an event, there are a lot of important things that you would want to get done and out of the way as soon as possible, such as getting your vendors and your staff to work together as a team. While taking care of such things is important, it’s also crucial that you make your event’s audio visual needs one of your main priorities. With that in mind, we listed down the top five reasons why you should contact your AV equipment rental company first if you are organizing an event that requires audio visual services and equipment.

1. Booking in advance ensures that enough equipment and staff is available for your event

Contacting your AV equipment and PA system rental company in advance will allow you to secure enough equipment and staff support for your event. Audio visual companies are often the last vendors to be called upon for an event because event planners believe that good ideas might still spring up in the last minute. While it’s good to get the equipment and staff support that you need in just a single order, some companies might find it difficult to cater to your audio visual needs if you ask for their services in the last minute.

Some AV rental companies in Singapore handle multiple events in one day, but even they will find it difficult to fill in any last-minute request during their busy days or months. There are smaller companies that provide last-minute support and AV equipment for lease in Singapore, portable PA system and wireless microphones, but expect that they will charge you with a higher fee if you get their services. So be sure to contact your audio visual provider in advance to ensure that all the resources you need are available on the day of your event.

2. Calling your vendor early allows you to get better ideas on how to improve your event

Calling your AV equipment vendor early is a good way to get ideas on how you can further improve your event. If they have never been to your event before, do let them know about what they might run into while in the venue. Informing them about your event’s location early on will allow them to create an audio visual plan that will produce the best sound and video experience for your guests, while preventing any accidental dangers and technical issues from occurring.

An experienced AV equipment rental company should be able to suggest AV setups that could greatly enhance your event. Meeting your provider prior to your event also gives you an opportunity to iron out all the important details of your affair. In fact, just doing a simple venue walk-through with your supplier will already save you from any logistical issues during your event.

3. Contacting your provider ahead of time allows them to perfectly coordinate with your team

Audio visual vendors are capable of working well with other event vendors and staff. Getting their services ahead of time will help in making the logistic process of your event go smoothly. Doing this will also aid in dealing with sound system compatibility issues, portable PA system failures and other red flags prior to the event, saving you troubleshoot time and some frustration.

It would also be a great idea to have your AV equipment provider coordinate with your caterers or photo booth vendors to ensure that enough electrical outlets will be provided for everyone. With your vendors keeping tabs and communicating well with one another, its rest assured that your event will run as smoothly as you want it to be.

4. Getting audio visual services early allows you to cut down your costs

Budget has always been a concern in planning an event – and a good way to lessen your costs is to reach out to your AV equipment and PA system rental vendor early on. Prices for equipment and services vary greatly from one vendor to another, and knowing these differences early will help you in finding a good deal without sacrificing the quality of the equipment you will be renting.

Substituting equipment can help in reducing costs as well. Opt for a portable PA system instead of going for the traditional one; swap some of your wireless microphones for the wired ones. Opt for the cost-effective equipment choices your AV provider offers and be sure to have them reserved for your event to save some money.

5. Reaching out to an AV company early gives you enough time to plan your audio visual setup on your venue

Another advantage of calling your audio visual provider early is you get to have a professional check and give ideas on the audio visual setup that you created for your event. After choosing the sound system and other equipment that you want to use for your affair, it is now time to finalize how everything will be set up on your chosen venue in Singapore. Have your AV provider go on a venue-walkthrough with you so he could make some suggestions or improvements on the setup plan that you created. Discussing the setup during the early stages will help in optimizing the audio video service experience of your event.

There are a lot of important things to take care of when planning an event, but it’s also crucial that you see the audio visual needs of your event as a priority. Understanding the benefits that AV services give to your event will definitely help in making it an enjoyable and memorable affair.

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