Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

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Special occasion or not, wine has become a part of every meal. Though not all Singaporeans consider wine, the fact remains that it can be good for the health. Yes, wine can be beneficial for your health and it is time that you know about it.


Red or white wine, here are the health benefits of drinking wine.

  1. It can control your blood sugar. The researchers from the University of Massachusetts found out that red wine can help regulate blood sugar. Red wine contains antioxidants that can slow the passage of sugar thereby preventing spike of your blood sugar. Wines are best for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Remember that red wines contain ten times more antioxidants than white.


  1. It decreases your bone loss. According to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, red wine can improve one’s bone density by the time you reach 50. Aside from your glass of milk, you have to consider red wine as it reduces your risk of osteoporosis.


  1. It aids your digestion. In your digestive track, there are many types of bacteria – you only wish that there are more of the good kind of bacteria. Wines can help in shifting these types of bacteria. Wines like onions, honey and many probiotic foods, it can help with the growth of good bacteria.


  1. It can help with cognitive function. For those who are suffering from momentary black outs and forget things easily, wines are best for cognitive functioning. Be sure though to drink moderately. If the brain has moderate amount of wine, it can reduce your risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.


  1. It can keep you slim. Believe it or not wines can keep you slim. This is enough to keep you sipping for good. By the last sip of your wine, you will surely feel better. There is a thirteen-year long study of the effects of wine in relation to weight loss. The study found out that 19,000 suggested consuming enough amounts of alcohol can lower risk of being overweight.


  1. It can lower cholesterol. Knowing that it can lower cholesterol make a difference at the end of the day. According to the Yale-New Haven Hospital, antioxidants found in wines have the power to reduce LDL cholesterol.


  1. It can prevent heart diseases. Wines can prevent heart diseases. This is enough reason to drink wine every night. This is according to the American Heart Association. Moderate drinking of wines can in fact prevent atherosclerosis – characterized by fatty deposits formed on the walls of your blood vessels.

These are enough reasons to consume wine. The trick here is to drink moderately. If you drink too much, it will do more harm than good.


Surprising Benefits of Having a Dog

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As dog lovers, we are aware of how dogs make our life livelier and happier. However, there are also some more benefits of owning a dog that you may have not expected. Aside from providing us with companionship, here are a few more physical and mental perks of being puppy parent.

Happy Dog Jumping up to Greet Woman Silhouette

  1. You’ll be encouraged to exercise more.

Owning a dog motivates you to exercise daily. On those days when you feel like skipping the gym, looking at your dog excitedly and patiently standing by the door, waiting for you to take him for a walk, will give you the push you need to get moving. Even just taking your dog to the park for a 30-minute walk and play every day can already make a huge difference to your health.

  1. You feel happier and relaxed.

Dogs have always been known to be great companions, and a 15- to 30-minute walk with them makes you feel more calmed and relaxed. Playing with your pup also boosts your brain’s serotonin and dopamine levels, which are known to be the body’s ‘feel good’ hormones. According to Singapore health experts, having a canine is almost the same as having a human companion.

  1. Your kids grow stronger.648_dog_beauty

Getting your little tot a furry friend is beneficial to his health. We value our heath, and dogs can contribute to keep your child healthy by simply being a part of your family. Kids who grew up with dogs at home are less likely to have eczema and allergies. Kids with dogs also experience fewer sick days and grow up with stronger immune system that keep them in their best health conditions.

  1. You’ll have healthier heart.

Studies said that simply petting a dog relaxes a person’s heart rate. In fact, some research shows that those people who have dogs at home are more likely to survive attacks compared to those who do not. Men, in particular, tend to have lower risk of developing heart disease when they regularly bond with their dogs.

  1. You’ll have fewer attacks of rheumatoid arthritis.

Clearly, canines are helpful in improving our health. Dogs are said to be beneficial to people with medical issues, but most especially with those who are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Dogs help those people with RA to move around and get their minds off their condition, resulting to better health and overall mood.

Dogs are indeed men’s bestfriend. But aside from being a loyal companion, dogs provide their masters countless of health benefits that other pets may not be able to provide.


5 Amazing Health Benefits of Grapes

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A healthy diet is the most essential part of living life to the fullest. Amidst our busy day-to-day lives, it can be quite challenging to put some thought to the food we take to fuel our bodies. Are we eating the right kinds of food? Are we providing our body enough nutrients? For the majority of us, perhaps we’re not. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix this problem by taking it one step at a time, starting by incorporating some grapes to our every day diet.


For people with limited idea about the health benefits of grapes, here are a few of the countless of reason you would want to throw a few of this wonder fruit in your shopping basket the next time you go grocery shopping.

  1. Boost Digestive Functions

Perhaps, most of us know that grapes are a good source of fibre, allowing better digestion of food when it gets into the body. Taking a serving of grapes assists prevention of indigestion and constipation and promotes healthy bowel movement. So if you think you don’t get enough fibre on a daily basis, grapes are a delicious way to fill your daily fibre needs.

  1. Helps With Management of Asthma

Due to the therapeutic benefits of grapes, the fruit is used to assist rapid cure of asthma. In addition, the hydrating power of the fruit is also high, increasing the moisture present in the lungs and reduces possibilities of asthma attacks.

  1. Maintains Optimum Bone Health

Grapes are excellent source of micro-nutrients like iron, manganese and copper—all of which are important for strengthening of the bones. Incorporating this fruit to your everyday diet can delay onset of age-related bone disease like osteoporosis. Manganese is an important nutrient in the body that aids almost every function of the body, from collagen formation, protein absorption to nervous system function.


  1. Cures Migraine

The juice of fresh grapes is a potent remedy for migraine. In its concentrated form, it should be drunk early in the morning. Ironically, red wine can cause migraine, but grape seed extract and fresh grape juice are some of the best solutions of the problem. Alcohol, in general, is among the culprits of migraine, but fresh grapes are rich in antioxidants that they can cure the same illness.

  1. Prevents Fatigue

Light grape juice replenishes the body’s iron content and prevents fatigue. Anemia is a common health problem among Singaporeans, and eating grapes help your minerals and iron levels balanced. Lack of iron can make you sluggish and seems not able to focus. However, dark grape juice are not ideal for increasing iron levels, instead it decreases them when taken in large amounts.

In conclusion, grapes indeed play a vital role in preventing and curing many sorts of ailments and diseases. Do your health a favour, and add some of these healthy and fruity sweets to your diet.aid3949632-728px-keep-grapes-fresh-step-10