Currencies Every Paper Money Collection Should Have

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You are not into numismatics but you love to collect paper money as a memento of your trips abroad. By the way, numismatics is the study of currency, coins, paper money and other related things. Paper money around the world is fascinating which is why you should start collecting some as a keepsake.

Here are some paper money you should start collecting:

50 euro Dutch paper bank note: If you are in Netherlands, do not miss their 50 euro. The 50 euro Dutch bank note is remarkable because of its flower design. It was actually designed by R.D.E Oxenaar and was introduced in 1970 to the population.

5000 krona paper bank note: Not all Singaporeans go to Iceland so when you are there, be sure to keep their 5000 Krona paper bank note. Krona translates to “crown” and the locals call it “Icelandic crowns”.

20 Deutsch mark: Being in Germany can be overwhelming with all the history. You might still see some Deutsch mark. Although it is no longer used for official transaction, if you see a 20 Deutsch mark, you should consider it. It is often abbreviated “DM”. From 2002, DM was aborted giving way to euro.

50 dollar New Zealand paper bank note: Now the 50 dollar bill of New Zealand is one of a kind because it is designed to last 4 times longer than its predecessors. The money is made of non-porous material which do not allow liquid or air to pass through it thereby making it cleaner.

5 dollar Australia paper bank note: If you are in Australia, do not forget to keep their 5 dollar bill which features the Queen Elizabeth II. She is surrounded with the famous Yellow Prickly Moses Wattle and Spinebill.

100 Swiss Franc paper bank note: What is good about the Swiss Franc is that they feature Swiss artists, designers, writers and notable talents. As for the 100 Swiss Franc, it features Alberto Giacomettia – a draughtsman, sculptor, painter and printmaker.

50 piastres paper bank note: In Egypt, you do not just marvel over their pyramids but also the versatility of their bank notes. For example, their 50 piastres paper bank note features Arabic text as well as numbers and English translations on the opposite side of the bill.

20 rand South African bank note: Before the 20 rand, it was called the South African Pound. The government changed it and even made a jingle and mascot for easy association.

These are just some of the paper money you would want to collect.

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