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8 Practices That Could Ruin Your Visit to the Hair Salon

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Protecting yourself against hairstyling and haircutting disasters when visiting a hair salon in Singapore is actually quite easy. All you need to do is avoid committing any of the following mistakes, and you’ll be able to make the most out of your salon visit and walk out of the place with a superb cut.

1. Showing Up With Unwashed Hair

Turning up at a hair salon with greasy, unwashed strands puts you at a disadvantage right from the start. Most hairdressers want to see your typical makeup and hair routine when you show up for a haircut, as it helps them create a style or decide on the colour that perfectly complements your beauty preferences. So schedule your salon visit on a day when you think your locks is at its best – whether its freshly-washed or a day-old hair – so your stylist will get an idea as to how your strands behave. For a hair colour appointment, make sure to visit the salon with clear hair since it absorbs colour most uniformly.

2. Dressing Inappropriately for Your Salon Appointment

Wearing turtlenecks, hooded sweatshirts and collared shirts to your hair salon appointment is never a good idea as they alter the natural fall of your hair. Similarly, wearing accessories like necklaces and earrings can disrupt your appointment if it gets caught on combs. To avoid experiencing such issues, avoid wearing long jewelleries and sport simple, close-fitting tops instead.

3. Failing to Schedule a Consultation Beforehand

If it’s your first time visiting one of the best hair salon in Singapore – or you’ve finally worked the courage to dye your hair blonde – you should set a consultation meeting to discuss the treatments or drastic changes you want to do with your hair. Most salons offer complimentary consultations, so ensure to avail one. During your consultation, the stylist from the hair salon in Singapore can create a game plan specifically tailored for you, ensuring that you get the right services and spend the right amount of time for them. After all, the last thing you’d want is to set a brunch date, only to realize that your salon appointment is going to take more hours than you originally thought.

4. Thinking That Your Stylist Remembers Your Past Treatments

Just as you would review your medical history with your doctor, you should also brief your hairdresser about the hair treatments that you had in the past during your appointment. A good hairstyle recommendation from your stylist depends on her knowledge of your previous services and treatments. The longer your locks are, the further back in time you’ll need to recall. So refresh your hairdresser’s memory by bringing a photo of yourself with the style that you love and explain what aspects you specifically liked about it.

5. Using Your Phone Non-Stop

Spending too much time on your phone (or any other gadgets) takes attention and time away from the important relationship that you’re trying to establish with your hairdresser. More importantly, tinkering with your gadgets could shift your posture and move your head, all of which could negatively impact your haircut. So ensure that you sit straight, keeping your arms at your sides and your feet planted on the floor, throughout your haircut appointment in a hair salon in Singapore.

6. Forgetting to Update Your Haircare Regimen

After getting a hair colour service, sticking to your old haircare routine could cause the new hues on your strands to fade away. Coloured tresses respond like coloured fabric – put it under excessive sun exposure and it’ll fade; wash it using hot water or a strong hair product, it’ll fade. So instead of sticking to your old routine and products, upgrade to using salon-grade styling techniques and colour-specific haircare products. Remember any tip you heard so you’ll be able to make the most out of the do that you received from the best hair salon in Singapore.

7. Performing a DIY Haircut

Another serious mistake that you could make is putting your stylist cap at home and wielding your own scissors. Professional hairstylists say that under no circumstances should you try trimming your bangs yourself. Fringes help in framing the face and are a crucial part to an overall cut; even the slightest trim could shorten the wrong hairs, throwing off your entire look. Instead of cutting or trimming your strands on your own, call and schedule an appointment with your hair salon as most salons actually provide free bang trims in-between appointments.

8. Visiting the Salon Once a Year

Just like with most people, perhaps you book too few salon appointments each year, dragging out your hairstyle until it loses its oomph. Even the best haircut and hair colour fade and require maintenance, depending on your tolerance for roots. Shorter haircuts require appointments every four to six weeks, while longer hairstyles may last six to eight weeks. Still, don’t ask your appointment to be squeezed in on the last minute. Forcing a stylist to do a rush job could compromise the quality of the haircut. Additionally, if you’re a new customer to the hair salon, arrive 15–20 minutes earlier to better acquaint yourself with your hairdresser.

Making the most out of your hair salon appointment isn’t as difficult as you think. All you’ve got to do is avoid committing any of these mistakes, and you’ll definitely walk out of the establishment sporting the hairstyle that you’ve always wanted.