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How to Get the Right Haircut

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Finding the right haircut isn’t as easy as taking a photo of your favorite celebrity to the hair salon in Singapore and having the hair stylist copy it. Unlike clothes and shoes that can be replaced, a lot of thought should be given when getting a new haircut because you’ll have to wait for several months to grow it back. You don’t want to end up regretting your trip to the hair salon because you couldn’t decide on the style you want.

Here are tips to make your hair salon trip worthwhile.

Research About Latest Hair Trends

You should come prepared to the hair salon with the latest hair trends so you can describe to the stylist what you want to achieve. It’s a lot easier today to research about what’s in fashion and you can even get inspiration from a lot of brilliant ideas you’ll find online. Look at photos of models and celebrities and try to envision yourself wearing that same hairstyle. If you find something you really love, take a sample photo with you to the hair salon in Singapore and let the stylist do his/her magic.

Find the Right Cut for Your Face Shape

You will often hear this advice from stylists in the best hair salon in Singapore, but it’s the one formula that works all the time. If you’re not into the latest hair trends, you should decide instead by taking into consideration the shape of your face. You have to determine your overall face shape by measuring the length from chin to forehead and the width of your jawline, cheekbones, and jaw.

Round Face

1. For short haircuts, go for petite pixie instead of bobs that will emphasize your round face. A very short hairstyle, especially if you have straight or wavy hair, will lengthen your face instead.

2. For medium-length, go for shoulder-length cuts at your favourite hairdressing salon in Singapore that will make your face look slimmer. Avoid layers that will make your face appear wider.

3. For longer hairstyles, a layered cut will add volume to your hair.

4. For men, your hair on the sides should be short and long on top so that your face doesn’t appear round.

Heart Face

1. For short haircuts, make sure that your pixie cut has layers on the nape area and sides. Avoid curls that will highlight your chin.

2. For medium-length, a shoulder-length style will not emphasize your chin, but avoid layers if you have very thick hair.

3. For long hair, you can add bangs, long layers and even curls regardless of the texture of your hair.

4. For men, your hair should be shorter on the sides and have a deep side part, sideswept style.

Long or Oval Face

1. For short haircuts, a long bob with layers will avoid emphasizing your chin.

2. For medium-length cuts, layers on a shoulder-length style will give your hair a fuller look.

3. For long hairstyles, go for styles that will cover some parts of your brow and hairline so that your face appears smaller.

4. For men, go for short styles with short cuts on the sides and slightly longer cuts on the top.

Square Face

1. For short hair, a layered bob and bangs will take away the focus on your jaw.

2. For medium-length style, layered hair with bangs will make your chin appear smaller.

3. For long hairstyles, go for cheekbone-length bangs to hide your huge jaw.

4. For men, almost any hairstyle will work well with this face shape type.

Consider Your Hair Texture

It’s not just the shape of your face that you should consider, but also the texture of your hair. The texture can be curly, coarse, frizzy, wavy, straight, and fine. The best hair salon in Singapore should give you a consultation first before they start snipping away at your hair when you sit down.

Wavy hair should go easy on layered hairstyles that will make the head look bigger when it becomes frizzy. Straight hair will look fuller with blunt hairstyles that will add volume to your hair. Thin and straight hair should not have a lot of layers to avoid flyaways. Curly and thick hair look better when long so it doesn’t look like a cotton ball. Remember that these are just guides that will hide flaws, but highlight some features of your face.

Thirteen Basic Types of Hairstyles

There are a lot of hairstyles to choose from, but you can classify them into the following 13 categories.

1. Pompadour or Comb-Over is combed up from the top or combed to one side of the head only.

2. Men’s Scissor Cut is a style that follows the shape of the face so that it appears natural.

3. Fade creates the illusion of short hair fading into long hair at the sides and back.

4. Bobs and Lobs refer to short chin-length cuts that can be angular or layered so that the hair frames the face.

5. Blunt is a cut where the hair is styled straight across and has no layers.

6. Wedge is a short haircut with a hard line at the back.

7. Pixie is a very short hairstyle on women that is also layered at the edges.

8. Layered means that the hair is cut in different lengths to add the illusion of volume or texture.

9. Long Layers is just a longer version of a layered cut to add volume to long hair.

10. Shag cut will make the hair appear as if it’s pulled up towards the top of the head. The sides are layered and the style sometimes includes bangs.

11. Mohawk or Faux Hawk refer to the pointy cut found towards the middle of the head. The sides may be shaved completely or have very short cuts.

12. Asymmetrical appears longer on one side and short on the other.

13. Undercut will appear very short on the back and/or sides than the hair at the top.