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Surprising Benefits of Having a Dog

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As dog lovers, we are aware of how dogs make our life livelier and happier. However, there are also some more benefits of owning a dog that you may have not expected. Aside from providing us with companionship, here are a few more physical and mental perks of being puppy parent.

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  1. You’ll be encouraged to exercise more.

Owning a dog motivates you to exercise daily. On those days when you feel like skipping the gym, looking at your dog excitedly and patiently standing by the door, waiting for you to take him for a walk, will give you the push you need to get moving. Even just taking your dog to the park for a 30-minute walk and play every day can already make a huge difference to your health.

  1. You feel happier and relaxed.

Dogs have always been known to be great companions, and a 15- to 30-minute walk with them makes you feel more calmed and relaxed. Playing with your pup also boosts your brain’s serotonin and dopamine levels, which are known to be the body’s ‘feel good’ hormones. According to Singapore health experts, having a canine is almost the same as having a human companion.

  1. Your kids grow stronger.648_dog_beauty

Getting your little tot a furry friend is beneficial to his health. We value our heath, and dogs can contribute to keep your child healthy by simply being a part of your family. Kids who grew up with dogs at home are less likely to have eczema and allergies. Kids with dogs also experience fewer sick days and grow up with stronger immune system that keep them in their best health conditions.

  1. You’ll have healthier heart.

Studies said that simply petting a dog relaxes a person’s heart rate. In fact, some research shows that those people who have dogs at home are more likely to survive attacks compared to those who do not. Men, in particular, tend to have lower risk of developing heart disease when they regularly bond with their dogs.

  1. You’ll have fewer attacks of rheumatoid arthritis.

Clearly, canines are helpful in improving our health. Dogs are said to be beneficial to people with medical issues, but most especially with those who are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Dogs help those people with RA to move around and get their minds off their condition, resulting to better health and overall mood.

Dogs are indeed men’s bestfriend. But aside from being a loyal companion, dogs provide their masters countless of health benefits that other pets may not be able to provide.