6 Clever Uses for Your Clear Nail Polish

Published / by Editor

Clear nail polish is a staple in any woman’s nail care kit – but aside from keeping your manicure in its tip-top shape, this humble tool offers several surprising uses as well. So if you have some bottles of unused lacquer just lying around your room, put them to good use by trying out any of these clever tricks.

1. Keeps Eyeglass Screw in Place
If your specs are bit wonky and you’ve got no time to have it repaired, simply tighten its screws using a dollop of nail polish. Just ensure that you let it dry before wearing your glasses again.

2. Prevents Shoelaces From Unravelling
Slow down the deterioration of your favourite kicks by applying a good amount of nail polish onto the frayed ends of its laces and twisting it as it dries. Also, don’t forget to trim any stray thread for a more durable-looking end product.

3. Secures Loose Buttons
To keep the threads from coming loose and your buttons from falling off your dress shirt, apply a thin layer of gloss to the centre of the button. Doing so will keep any outfit mishaps from happening, especially if you’re on the go.

4. Stops Stocking From Running
If you start getting a run in your tights, then there’s little to no chance that you’ll be able to salvage them. However, you can keep them from further running by simply painting a good amount of nail polish over the snag.

5. Seals Envelopes
Tired of licking the flap when sending invites or letters? If so, get your envelopes to stay stuck with just a few dots of clear polish. No more leaving traces of your saliva on your envelopes!

6. Prevents Rust Rings
Your shaving cream likely leaves a trace of rusted ring on the side of the shower. If you’re using a metal shower caddy, then there’s a greater chance that you’ll see rusting as well. To solve this problem, simply apply a coat or two of your clear polish at the bottom of your shaving cream or any metal bottles.

Your nail polish isn’t just meant for your maintaining the shine and neatness of your manicure – it can certainly do more than that. So instead of just leaving it around to collect dust, you might as well use it to do any of the tricks that we mentioned.