5 Natural Ways to Relieve Headaches

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With our busy day-to-day schedule and constant exposure to our work computers, it is inevitable for our body and mind to feel fatigued at some point. Medications sold over the counter can provide immediate relief whenever we need it, but the more we rely on these pills and tablets renders them ineffective in dealing with massive headaches as time passes by.

Hence, knowing how to relieve headaches naturally is advantageous. Not only are you training your body to be independent from any medications, but you are also contributing to the improvement of your overall health. You do not need to intake a handful medications all the time to deal with a headache — who knows, maybe a change in lifestyle is all that you need.

Eat right
Certain foods have been found out to effectively trigger headaches and migraines. Coffee, chocolate, cheese, and tea that is rich in vasoactive amines are under that list. Amines are infamous for affecting the blood flow in the brain which can then result to headaches. In order to prevent the frequent occurrence of headaches, it is then advised to keep a journal to keep track of the foods that may trigger it so you can consume less of the said food in the future.

Deal with stress
If you caught yourself tangled in a stressful situation, take a deep breath and consider the thought of stepping back a little. Reducing stress can be made possible if you give yourself some time to relax. Relaxing shouldn’t be laden with guilt as it is beneficial to both your mind and body! Organizing your day by planning recreational activities you’ve been meaning to do will also work wonders.

Improve your posture
Proper posture can prevent your muscles from tensing too much. Holding your shoulders back as you stand is encouraged, as well as pulling in your buttocks and abdomen. If sitting, keep your thighs parallel to the ground and your head not slumped forward in order to practice good posture.

Take a shower
Whether you like it warm or cold, a shower may help in relieving you off the agonizing pain a headache brings. A hot bath or chilly shower does wonders onto your sore muscles— which might then ease the tension of your headache.

Home remedies
There are a couple of home remedies that can get rid of headaches effectively. One is ginger, since it is known to reduce the swelling and inflammation of the head’s blood vessels which relieves you from a headache in return. Another is basil, which is a helpful muscle relaxant. It can be considered as a treatment for headaches caused by tensed muscles. It also has analgesic and calming effects which makes it an ideal ingredient to infuse with your hot drinks.